Meet Jenny, an aspiring young travel photographer from Scotland.



Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet! 

My name is Jenny and I am a 23 year old passionate travel photographer and rookie blogger. Since 2016 I have been travelling as much as possible with my partner; exploring new and exciting destinations together. From the remote outback of South Australia to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh, our little list of countries travelled slowly grows bigger together. Dropping everything to travel was the hardest but most amazing decision I have ever made. Every trip as taught me more than a classroom ever would. Every country a new lesson, every person a new spark of inspiration, every mountain a new memory to last a life-time. I want to share that magic with you, and I hope maybe you'll take that leap too and explore our beautiful planet. 

This space is a mixture of my light-hearted blog posts alongside my photographic portfolio. Whether you're a fellow traveler or someone looking for some new photographs I have something for you. So grab a comfy seat and relax, it's time to explore with me!

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