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My name is Jenny, but you can call me Jen for short! The ‘Rose’ part of my blog comes from my middle name, which is surprisingly lovely considering my brother and sister apparently choose it (a little too sensible for toddlers don’t you think?). I was born and bred on the North East coast of Scotland and have lived here on and off for my whole life. Although the Scottish weather is pretty questionable at the best of times, I wouldn’t change living in this gorgeous part of the world for anything. My mum is a wondrous knitting genius (visit her here) and my dad is probably the happiest most selfless man you’ll meet. Growing up my amazing parents would often take my siblings and I on awesome camping adventures to the West Coast of Scotland and sometimes through Europe - I suppose you could say my addiction to travel began early! From a young age I was always quite creative. Perhaps it was my mum’s arty genes or my own whacky imagination that drew me to photography, but as soon as I received my first point-and-shoot camera I was well and truly hooked. In 2013 after receiving photography tuition from Hamilton Kerr Studios (big up Kyle and Louise!) I left school at 16 and chased my passion by studying photography at NESCol, Aberdeen. Three years later I graduated with my HND and many very happy memories. 


In October 2016 my boyfriend and I left our jobs and embarked on our first trip together with no return planned. We explored Thailand, Australia and Vietnam and retuned home over a year later - but our itchy feet didn’t keep us here for long. Since then we have been adventuring around the world together, in-between working seasonal jobs to save for our travels. From working in the deep South Australian Outback to the wild West Coast of Scotland, we are constantly fuelling a deep love for traveling and photography. 

In 2021 I took the leap into freelancing full time after COVID put a temporary end to our travelling. 


When I am not travelling or snapping to my hearts content, I enjoy skiing, crochet, tattoo’s, my dog Lola, cosy nights in, some good red wine and cheese and spending lots of time with my family and friends!

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