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A backpackers lookbook

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Hiya everyone! Back at it again with those fashion posts. Surprisingly I really enjoyed writing a bit more about my fashion and beauty obsession so I've decided to treat you all with some more. I am definitely no fashionista, but I love clothes and like to think my fashion sense is fairly up to date.

Since I am currently travelling, my wardrobe (backpack of clothes) is a little different. Especially due to the fact I've had to adjust and prepare for a warmer climate than Scotland. It's very, very small compared to my collection at home *cries* but I've managed to style things fairly easily with my selection.

Staying fashionable while travelling can be hard, especially when you don't have much room to pack. Not only this, but you want to be comfortable so it is important to keep your packing list practical as well as wearable.

I will admit that my packing list could have been better. Miles better. There are a lot of things I now wonder why I packed, and a lot of things in my wardrobe at home I wish I'd brought. But fashion is not while I'm travelling.

This post might help all you girlies who are struggling to decide what to bring. So enjoy my awkward posing and hopefully 'ok' outfit choices!

1. Explore

Exploring your new location in style and comfort.

Jumpsuit: Boohoo

Shoes: TKMaxx

Sunglasses: Specsavers

Keeping stylish while staying comfortable can be a difficult task, but I think I may have found the solution - jumpsuits! This little beauty was a steal from my go to Boohoo. For under £20 you really can't go wrong with this number. This bad boy has been a regular for our days exploring. It is a fairly heavy material but at the same time keeps you cool on hotter days. This piece is perfect for any shape; personally I love it as it brings in my waist and distracts the attention from my otherwise fairly straight up and down figure. The colour is unique but surprisingly flattering, although it does make me look a bit pale (everything does!). It is unbelievably comfortable and stretchy so it is perfect for wandering around and exploring. Teamed up with my go to Birks and prescription sunglasses (only because I am super blind) this outfit has been one of my firm favourites.

3. Chill

Keeping things floral and floaty with a comfortable allround outfit.

Top: Boohoo

Trousers: H&M

Bra: H&M

Shoes: TKMaxx

Oh my god, aren't these trousers amazing? And they are super comfy - bonus! Combining high-waisted trousers with a cheeky wee crop top is what I do best, especially when you get some floaty floral trousers involved. These beauties were from H&M (although sadly I think are no longer available) and are fantastic quality. The material is strong and thick but keeps your legs fairly cool. The waist band is elasticated but also has a material tie to really show off your waist; they are great allrounders. Paired up with this simple black bralet from Boohoo I give you the ideal outfit for a chilled out day indoors, casual drinks or even a late night beach walk. Dressed down with my black birks this outfit will make you feel confident but keep you delightfully comfortable. To add a little extra oomph I wore a caged detail bra.

6. Beach Party

It is all about the lace and detail, keep cool and bust some crazy dance moves!

Body: H&M

Shorts: Topshop

Bra: H&M

Belt: Urban Outfitters

While we were in Thailand it was all about those crazy beach parties. From funky psychedelic music fests to deep house and tropical vibes, we experienced our fair share of awesome nightlife! If you're anything like me, then you love a good boogey. I may not be able to dance for shit, but I couldn't care less - I just love to have a good time. This means my outfit HAS to be comfy and dance friendly. Starting with the shoes, I tend to go with my trusty trainers. Maybe not the coolest but by far to comfiest, plus it eliminates the possibility of a lost flip flop - these things happen when drink is involved! Next to pair up my high-waisted Levi shorts with my favourite elephant embellished belt. I love these shorts, they look fab and make me feel super confident. Last of all, a sexy bodysuit. Now I will be the first to admit these things are a bit of a struggle on a night out especially when you realised that you've definitely had one too many and start contemplating your life choices in the toilet (we have all been there)...but, sacrifices have to be made. And if that means I have to stand awkwardly in the toilet cubicle struggling to clip back up my bodysuit, for the sake of feeling sexy, I will do it. This body was admittedly from the lingerie section of H&M. To tame down the rather x-rated piece (I am not one to be showing off my nips to the public) I like to wear my H&M caged bra underneath. These things are awesome, flirty and hide away your boobies when you're wearing mesh tops.

4. Dine

Stay simple and angelic with a floaty and detailed little number!

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: TKMaxx

Okay, so I could count on one hand how many fancy meals James and I have been on (we are backpackers after all) but it is nice to have the option to doll yourself up. This dress screams out summer music fest, Coachella anyone? It is a delicate, angelic and comfortable addition to my backpack. Cut out shoulders with an adjustable tie, bell sleeves and a beautiful crochet trim - it is perfect. Personally I like to keep things simple when I'm wining and dining. Plus my jewellery is very limited as I have a great habit of leaving my necklaces behind. Luckily this dress doesn't need much accessorising, instead I wear my favourite rings to subtly glam it up without taking away from the details of the dress. Shoe wise I tend to mix things up depending on the occasion. If I am going somewhere fancy for a big occasion, I'd throw on some little sandal heels. Or for a more casual night I normally stick to guessed it, Birks!


Thanks to my personal photographer (lol jokes I made him do it) James Lilley.

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