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Montville, QLD, Australia

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Above Little May Expresso

Destination: Montville

Country: Australia

State/Area: Queensland

Population: 900 roughly

Average prices: $$

Scenery: Mountains and greenery

One word description: Quirky

My Review: If you're anything like me, then you're a sucker for arty antique shops - and Montville is full of them! James and I were lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful little place with the company of his family. Tucked away near the Glass House mountain range, just east from the Sunshine Coast is Montville, potentially one of my new favourite locations. Oldie worldie and quaint, this wee village has so much going for it, you'd be daft not to make a detour to see it in all its glory. Whether you want to shop for unique and handmade gifts, or just enjoy the relaxed and quiet lifestyle, this is the place for you.

The high street offers a huge selection of different shops and cafes. Antiques, beautiful clothing and accessories, homemade fudge, stunning jewellery and much more! My absolute favourite shop had to be Venus Calling, filled with gorgeous rings, scarves and necklaces. Not to mention wonderful friendly service! If you're into bohemian styled jewellery then go give this lovely lady a visit and check out her stunning range. Best of all? You can even order online!

Other than shopping, Montville has lots to offer. Take a day out and explore to beautiful Kondalilla Falls where you can do a short (but steep) 4.7km circuit. Personally, if you enjoy a good scenic, rainforest walk then take the time to do this. From the bottom to the top of the falls you will be sure to get lots of cool snaps. And if you want to finish off your day in style after all that tough walking, head up to the Flame Hill Vineyard and enjoy a meal with a view. And obviously a tasty glass of wine, or five.

Overall Montville has a bit of everything. Great scenery, tasty food, lots to do and see and generally just somewhere cool and different to take a step back and relax.

At the top of Kondalilla Falls

Beautiful lodge with a real life Scooby-Doo style book-case hidden door. No wifi and limited phone reception, the perfect way to escape the world.

The best coffee in town with delish breakkie options to keep everyone happy.

Tasty traditional pub grub with some interesting veggie options, very British feel.

Beautiful wine, an amazing menu and an unbeatable view.

Relax @ The wide variety of arty shops filled with local talent

Boho, gemstones, jewels and awesome accessories.

A fairly easy walk with great views and aussie wildlife.

Out of 10: A solid 10/10 from me

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