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Palm Beach Lookout, NSW

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Stunning viewpoint overlooking the famous Palm Beach key.

Price: Free

Distance: 2km return (roughly)

Location: Palm Beach, approx 1hr drive from Sydney Facilities: Lookout over Palm Beach and a pretty light-house. There is plenty of parking at the bottom of the route plus clean public toilets. Suitable for: All ages, but please proceed with caution.

There are two options; 1. stairs that take you to the lookout, 2. steep even surface that takes you to the lookout. We took the steep surface route, and as two fairly fit 20-odd year old's found it pretty damn steep! On a hot day both routes can be fairly strenuous so be aware if you are taking children/elderly.

James and I at the Palm Beach lookout.

What is it? Put simply, Palm Beach is a very famous suburb situated on the far north outskirts of Sydney. Palm Beach is home to many affluent people, and is often a popular holiday destination for celebs. On top of that, the exterior shooting for Aussies finest TV show 'Home and Away' is filmed here, Palm Beach acting as the fictional town of 'Summer Bay'. The lookout involves a short walk along the beach, and then a steep ascend to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse (otherwise signposted as the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk). At the top you get a spectacular view over the stunning Palm Beach key-like bay; a mix of greenery, white sand and blue waters. The viewpoint is a popular place, and you will more than likely have seen photos scattered around on Instagram.

What do I need?



A nice sturdy pair of shoes

Plenty of suncream

Suitable clothing for the weather

How do I get there? From Sydney CBD...

Public Transport Why should I go? If you enjoy free things then this is definitely a must do. The view alone is beautiful, and definitely worth a cheeky photo-shoot at the top. A great mix of beach walking and a steep path through tree's and Aussie bush. The lighthouse is also very photogenic.


My Review:

After seeing lots of beautiful photos from a hill looking over Palm Beach, James and I did a little bit of research and found out about the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk. We both love the outdoors and enjoy little walks here and there, especially when they finish with such an awesome view. At the time we were staying in Manly area and had our van, so we decided to drive to our destination (although public transport links are available too). It took under an hour and was a fairly pleasant drive, with coastal winding roads. Drive straight through the Palm Beach town area to the end of the land. Upon arrival we found spacious parking (Ticket/Paid) and clean public toilets. We had no idea what to expect, but were slightly surprised at house steep the path was to the summit. As mentioned previously there is also an option to take stairs, which is quicker and more direct. Despite the steep path it was an enjoyable walk, snaking through the trees and bushes with occasional glimpses of the view to come. At the top we were greeted to the famous and beautiful view back over the Palm Beach key. There are plenty of area's to take photos. Before the lighthouse there are several large boulders which hang out over the hill which offer a great photo-opportunity, although a little harder to reach. Otherwise the path carries on with lots of places to sit and enjoy the view.

Rating: 8/10


Want to know a bit more about Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk and Palm Beach?

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