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Life Update: I am alive!

WOW, eh. Where do I start?

Welcome back to my newly renovated blog, and a huge apology for being so lazy and inactive for the last wee while. The last few months have been a little full on and I am afraid blogging took a back seat role. Despite feeling a little bad for neglecting my blog, I do not regret taking this break. It has been super refreshing and lovely spending time with my family and working on exciting projects with them. But, now I am back and I am determined to make a proper go of my blogging. I decided to give it all a bit of a makeover for 2018, and I am super chuffed with how it looks. Although my blogging is still a huge part of Jenjaar, my photography will be taking a more noticeable and prominant role this year. I wanted to make my site look a little more professional and clean to match the business side of my photographic career. If things go to plan, I am hoping to open a small online store for my prints and merchandise too - how exciting! Anyway, enough of that, I guess I should update you all on what has been going on in my hectic little life!

My lovely brother and I enjoying a very boozy Hogmanay together!

As most of you will have seen, James and I are home and have been since the end of November. We told everyone we knew that we would be home mid December but actually jetted home about a month early. It was the hardest secret we have ever kept (for about half a year!) but it paid off more than we could have ever hoped. Surprising all our amazing friends and family felt totally magical, and it was worth all the lies and secrets! With the help of a few little angels (shout out to Heather, Adam and my big bruv Dunc!) we managed to walk in to our unexpecting parents and friends. Some went a little crazy (Amy, I am talking to you!) and others were so totally gobsmacked they couldn't seem to form words (Mum.. Dad!). To give you a little more of an idea, check out our videos here. Prepare to laugh loudly and possibly feel a little bit emosh.

So, after all the surprises there were lots of impromptu partying, too much alcohol and copious amounts of food. We enjoyed our first month celebrating our return, James birthday, my 21st and of course Christmas. It was wonderful. Being home during the festivities was something we had both missed dearly after spending Christmas 2017 on Coogee Beach in Australia. Definitely not a very 'Christmassy Christmas'!

Then January rolled in and we both started to panic a little. We hadn't worked since the end of May and our money was running out fast. What were we going to do next? Jet off? Find work? We honestly had no idea. Most of our close friends had gone back to uni, and other back into their full time jobs. It was hard enough adjusting back into our homelives, let alone feeling a little lost and alone. We desperately wanted to go straight back to Australia for our second year but deep down we knew our money would barely cover flights, let alone accommodation while we hunted for jobs. Finding work in our hometown seemed like the only option, but perhaps the most undesirable. Settling back into the very routine we hated and left two years ago. Who would want to do that? Was that not the reason we left in the first place, to find something new? We had lots of ideas but little motivation.

The famous 'Harry Potter Bridge' / Glenfinnan Viaduct, a short drive from our new job!

Well, after a small stressful period we have managed to land ourselves a new and exciting job on the stunning West Coast of Scotland. Much like we did in Australia, we will be working in a fairly small and remote Inn for the season and we are both super excited for something new and a little different. The West Coast has always had a very special place in my heart. It has endless beauty and photographic opportunity. To have all this at my doorstep will be such an amazing experience.

Perhaps most exciting of all though, my lovely mum has started her very own adventure! At the start of February she opened her very own little wool shop appropriately named, Baa! I have never been so proud of this wonderful woman who has finally followed her dreams after years of encouraging her kids to do the same. Along with amazing workshops, she also has a huge selection of unique products. From locally hand dyed and hand-spun wool to books, patterns and even my new all time favourite lip balm (made from natural resources and lanolin). She has it all really! And to top it all off, amazing friendly service from a super cool knitting genius. If you live in or near Stonehaven, please pop in and see for yourselves. Can't knit? Not to fear, there are even learn to knit workshops. Check it out!

As well as our exciting new job, we had lots of little bits and bobs planned. We had a small trip to Skye (my 21st bday present from James) a few weeks ago which was absolutely beauitful and has only made my love for the West Coast stronger. As if I wasn't treated enough, I am also just home from a crazy week in Prague with my bestie, Amy, as a Christmas treat. So, with all my past trips still fresh, and these small newbies, prepare youselves for lots of travel related blog posts - YAY!

Well, I think that is just about it. We have both been busy, busy, and soon we will be back into full time work. What a thought! Thank you for tuning into this wee update, and keep your eyes peeled for new, more exciting blog posts NOT about my life.

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