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And so it begins

So.. I have finally decided to start a blog/website/internet space thing. I can't even count the amount of times I've got to this stage, after spending what seems like forever designing a crappy blog page, writing a post similar to this one, and then deleting it all in a state of nerves and stupidity. But now, finally, after many moons, I have decided that my blog may actually be vaguely interesting and somewhat funny (maybe?) This whole internet blogging business is a totally new world to me, and I literally have no idea what I'm doing, I just like to think and pretend I'm a pro at it.

Anyway, I'm a little bit excited about stepping into the world of blogging. My life is about to, hopefully, get a little bit more fast paced and interesting, with plans of travel looming ahead of me, my final year at college, day trips, adventures, university.. lots of new clothes probably. Definitely lots of new clothes. Clothes.

Although this blog is prodominantly for my photography, I want to make this a realistic representation of me. I may take my photography seriously, but I want to inject a little bit of fun to the system. Maybe some fashion, lifestyle, travel post and other things that may or may not be taking my fancy at the time. You will be joining me on a journey through my very boring and normal life.

So sit back, relax and enjoy. I will try and keep the post as regular and interesting as possible. Let the fun begin.

Ps. Since this post is not about anything in particular, enjoy this photo of my lovely pup Lola and myself posing for an impromptu selfie.

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